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Kristi has been my daughter‘s oboe teacher for the last seven years. Within that seven years Kristi has become like a second mother to Gabrielle helping her grow as a music student and as a young lady. Under her guidance Gabrielle grew as a talented oboist with a love for music."

"Kristi was a lifesaver to me as a mom during my son’s senior year in high school and an incredible oboe teacher for him. She took on the challenge of helping us do the seemingly impossible without blinking, and then in a short time had him ready for conservatory auditions. Henry is in his Junior year at Peabody Conservatory this year and that would never have been possible without Kristi’s knowledge, musicianship, and patient guidance during that time. She is a gifted teacher, a consistent professional, and a true expert in the field."

Lessons are available both in-person or online
To book your online lesson now click here
Or contact us for in-person availability in Savannah or Richmond Hill
**Trial packages are available**

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